A self-funded guerilla short film, shot in China with a crew of two, and a cast of non-actors in a fully operational factory.


An unemployed young woman living in China finds a new opportunity.

In late 2015, I set off to China with my DOP Michael Latham and a fistful of dollars. I had been inspired by a series of photographs I saw set inside a Christmas factory – a real life Santa’s workshop!

I had no script, no contacts, no gear – but a strong belief that there’s a story worth telling. Backed with the support of producer Bethany Bruce, I was faced with a challenge like no other.

This film is what transpired.

Festivals: Melbourne International Film Festival 2016, Flickerfest 2017, St Kilda 2017

Writer / Director: Corrie Chen

Producer: Bethany Bruce

Director of Photography: Michael Latham

Editor: Patrick McCabe

Sound Designer: Lachlan Harris