Zero to Hero

Did you know people of Asian ethnicity has a less than 30% chance of finding a matching stem cell donor, compared to the 80% that other ethnicities face?

Comedian Lawrence Leung and Corrie were invited to raise awareness for this startling statistic in the form of a 70’s kung-fu clip, for the Emily Needs Stem Cells campaign.

Directed by Corrie Chen
Produced by Bryony McLachlan in association with Jus Media

Starring Lawrence Leung, Maria Tran and Andy Minh Trieu
Fight choreography by Trung Ly & Dong Tam
Action Cam Team; Adrian Castro & Justin Gong

Cinematography by John Maloney
Editing by Lauren Anderson
Sound recording by Dane Cody
Music by Jamie Messenger

Check out some kick-ass behind the scenes stills.